Maleny Makers seeks to establish a *sustainable* non-profit community group that :

  • Is a supportive and welcoming group for folks who want to work on technical projects
  • Manages and supports a makerspace containing a wide range of modern prototyping hardware
  • Provides regular classes and workshops on a range of modern technologies for making and prototyping
  • Fosters collaboration, peer learning and sharing of knowledge through regular meetups.

The Makerspace

Our makerspace has resources for members to access modern prototyping hardware including 3D printers, a CNC machine and a laser cutter. We also have a good set of manual workshop hardware and machines such as drill presses, a scroll saw and many other tools.

Access to the Makerspace is members-only (membership details) and access to certain equipment requires safe-use inductions, and in some cases, the supervision of a competent machine user.

The Training Room

The training room is downstairs from the Makerspace, and is where we run our workshops and meetups.


We hope to expand on this list with some new faces, but for the moment, these are the people driving this idea forward.

Darcy Clark

Darcy is the convenor of the group. He has an interest in a wide range of technical topics including web development, creative and physical computing and new manufacturing and product development technologies. He also has a keen interest in making these technologies accessible to learners.

Corinna Wauchope

Corinna has an engineering and science background professionally. In the context of Makers she's into the hands-on crafting side of Making, with a particular interest in wearables, soft circuits, papercraft, and projects that involve artistic elements.

Peter Pamment

Peter has over 30 years of experience in IT and the promotion of community development via co-ops and was instrumental in providing support during the establishment phase of Maleny Makers.

Darryl Bartlett

Darryl is a multiskilled and experienced Maker with a unique artistic style combining cutting-edge electronics, design and robust Australian-style aesthetics.


We've had helpful donations of time, resources and support over the years of getting this idea up and running - so we'd like to express our thanks here to the Dendles, Maleny State High School, Maleny Independent School, Andrew and all of the dotMaleny crew, Peter and Edith-Ann from the Hinterland Business Centre, and all friends and family who have donated resources including time, tools, computers, machinery and materials to support us.

We also gratefully acknowledge funding from the Queensland Government via the 2017 Hackerspaces grant program - this is a forward-thinking program to strengthen regional Queensland’s advanced manufacturing skills and to open the way for people to convert ideas into opportunities.