Open House and Workshop

Posted on July 10th, 2018

We held our first Open House and workshop at the Maleny Makerspace, July 7th, 2018 - here's a brief report.

"From humble beginnings, great things grow" is the saying that we hope will most apply to Maleny Makers.

We took the first steps towards the future at our public Open House this past weekend. With the support of the Hinterland Business Centre, we were busy the previous week cleaning up the training room ready for the event. Then early Saturday morning, a small group of Makers set up demos of a selection of their projects for the public to check out.

K9, by Darryl Bartlett, Bushpunk Robotic Art Image: Angela R-Polinski, Whipbird Creative

Amongst the demo projects were :

  • a full-size working replica of Dr Who's K9 robotic companion (which proved very popular with the younger visitors)
  • a robotic skeleton that will appear inside an animated mermaid at the upcoming Horizon Arts Festival
  • an automated coffee stirrer
  • a pay phone hacked to become a compliment generator (a new compliment is generated and spoken back through the handset)
  • an 8-bit computer built from scratch
  • soft woven circuits with integrated electronics
  • an old school CRT oscilloscope hacked to play animated music videos

Compliment Generator, by Jasper Clark Image: Angela R-Polinski, Whipbird Creative

We had over 30 members of the public come through the open house, including a predominance of families with school-age kids - which was great to see. Makers also visited from the local area and the Coast and connections were made that we hope will lead to future collaborative efforts.

Tours were conducted of the new Makerspace upstairs, and our first workshop was run later in the afternoon. We had 3 new Makers attend the Micro:bits workshop, where they got an introduction into the innovative and user-friendly BBC Micro:bit controller board. This workshop will be on again on July 21st.

We also polled visitors for their particular areas of interest. In fact, we are still taking submissions from local Makers - you can help us better utilise our resources and energy by completing a brief survey here -

In summary, our inaugural Open House was a successful outreach event - one that we hope to repeat regularly in the future as we incubate new and exciting projects by our members.

For more info, visit, email or call 0448328589 directly.