First Junior Makers Meetup held

Posted on July 26th, 2018

We held our first Junior Makers Meetup last weekend

We had our first Junior Makers Meetup last weekend. Our Makers Meetups are an accessible and affordable way to access both resources and mentoring for kids who are interested in coding, electronics or simply tinkering on hands-on projects. It's also currently the best way to access the numerous resources in our new Makerspace.

The meetup this week followed our Micro:bits workshop, so most of the attendees from workshop came back to experiment some more with this cool little board. The kids pushed the boards, testing out some of the interesting features of the board - including the ability to communicate with other boards over radio frequencies. A range test of sorts was conducted to test how far the boards could communicate - for a $25 board built for kids, we were surprised to find that, given clear line of sight, the boards could easily send messages wirelessly over 20 metres. This opens up all sorts of remote control and monitoring possibilities, which we hope to explore in future meetups.

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