Recent Maker workshops a success !

Posted on September 12th, 2018

A recap of our Soldering, 3D printing, CNC and Laser Cutting workshops

We have completed an initial run of Makers workshops to introduce the community to the resources and training that is available through Maleny Makers.

For the Soldering workshop, held on Aug 4th, we invited a local expert Maker, Darryl Bartlett (Bushpunk Electronic Prototyping Services) to give a proper introduction to how to solder. We had 5 attendees who all soldered a functional LED flasher kit. Apart from technique, we also covered how to properly "tin" your soldering iron to keep it functioning properly, and how to join wires together with heatshrink. By all accounts, the workshop was a success and even those who had soldered before learned something new.

On Aug 18th we ran our first 3D Printing workshop for 7 attendees using our new Up Mini 2 printers. We first covered some background knowledge on the technology, materials and process of 3D printing. Then we dove into how to design a 3D printed component from scratch using Autodesk Tinkercad. Each participant designed their own customised keychain fob. While the jobs were printed, we discussed some limitations of this manufacturing technique, safety issues and where to look for existing component designs.

On Aug 25th we intentionally ran a smaller workshop on CNC (Computer Numerical Control Machining) as it is a more detailed topic than our other workshops, and we were less familiar with this manufacturing method. Nonetheless we had a successful outcome wherein we covered some of the technical aspects of CNC machining and designed and machined 3 projects.

The final workshop in the series was laser cutting. We covered how to design for laser cutting, converting designs into toolpaths, and we also laser cut and assembled each attendee’s design. The designs were based on a tea light cover template on to which we cut geometric patterns.

Keep an eye on our workshop events and sign up for our mailing list if you are interested in any of the above - we will be running these workshops again in October 2018.

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