Call for Members - Open Info Session
Date: Saturday, 2 February, 2019
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Where: Hinterland Business Centre, 38A Coral St
Ages: all
Cost: FREE

If you are at all interested in coding, electronics, robotics, drones, graphics, game development (or anything creative and technical) please drop in to any of our upcoming 3 open info sessions. We are keen to expand our membership. We have a lot of resources and knowledge to share. We are very keen to hear from you about what you want to make or learn. It doesn't matter, how old you are, or whether you self-identify are a nerd or not, whether you are experienced or not, we are keen to know what it is you want to make, or want to learn about.

What we'll do after this period of info gathering and sharing is to form some "birds of a feather" groups of folks with similar interests and goals/aims. For example, if we have a group of beginners who want to learn electronics, we'll have a beginner electronics group. If we have a group of girls who want to code games, we'll have a group for that too. To be practical, we need probably at least 4 or 5 to make it worthwhile - so if you are keen for something to happen, we are relying on you to help pull the numbers together - so grab your friends !

A word about costs - we are a non-profit, but we have running costs. So expect some fees down the line - but we aim to keep them minimal. Whether that's a yearly or monthly membership or a per-event thing is something we'll be keen to hear your thoughts on.

The info sessions are free though, so please pop in and we look forward to meeting you.

For more info, visit, email or call 0448328589 directly.