Creative Coding Workshop
Date: Saturday, 2 February, 2019
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am
Where: Hinterland Business Centre, 38A Coral St
Ages: 14+
Cost: $150 for 6 weeks inc GST
Booking required - 10 spots left

A 6-week workshop for intermediate coders - with an emphasis on creativity, artistic expression and fun.

Are you interested in moving on from Scratch to learn a more powerful programming language ? Are you interested in using code to create art, graphics, animation and sound ?

Creative Coding is an alternative approach to teaching coding skills in a more fun and creative context than traditional approaches. Instead of pushing numbers around and processing text, we'll be putting light, colour and sound on the screen from the first lesson.

Over the 6 weeks of this course we'll cover a single topic each week. We'll start with about 30 mins of instruction and some starter code - then the rest of the session is an open hacking session where you'll modify the starter code to make it your own.

The technical platform we will use is the Web - or to be specific, your web browser and its built-in language, Javascript. There's a lot of creative potential under the hood of your web browser and we will get you started towards taking advantage of it.

Topics we will cover :

  1. Canvas, Shapes and Colour - begin to access the graphical power of your browser
  2. Algorithms - using simple rules to make complex patterns
  3. Motion - how to move things on the screen
  4. Interactivity - accepting input via keyboard and mouse
  5. Randomness - how to use randomness to good effect
  6. Sound - make some noise !

Included in the price:

  • 6 x 90 mins/week - 30 mins instruction, 60 mins hacking

You'll need to bring :

  • a working laptop

No prior knowledge of Javascript is required - but you should have at least dabbled in coding before - if you've coded with Scratch or any other language before, you should be ok.

For more info, visit, email or call 0448328589 directly.